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Product Efficacy Testing

For organizations that have made the decision to invest in load-side energy saving products in the hope of reducing their power demand, and consequently their bill… Eniscope Real-time and Analytics become your indispensable allies.

This is also an invaluable solution for all ethical companies in the Energy Saving Business who wish to demonstrate the efficacy of their products and solutions in a totally open and honest way for their clients.

Quite simply you can measure, side-by-side the positive effects (or not as the case may be) of any specified product and ‘test’ with laser-like precision its efficacy on any specific application… and then see, unequivocally, the exact ROI or ‘payback’ you can expect.

How? Simply install an Eniscope Meter on an appliance or ‘load’ and plot it’s consumption both with and without the products you are evaluating and all will be revealed. This insightful product efficacy test can be done side by side with two meters on two identical loads… one with and one without the ‘product’ or in tandem on a before and after basis. Eniscope Analytics will give you total transparency as it presents one set of results right alongside the other.