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Light Emitting Diode

Lighting accounts for 30% of all our electrical consumption so surely it’s one of the first areas to look at for energy efficiency.

Turning on the lights is a process so familiar to us in our daily lives that we hardly even think about it and yet the flick of that switch starts a process that has far reaching implications for your energy bill, maintenance costs and the environment.

LED lighting is no longer the ‘coming’ thing, it is the dominant force in lighting technology for the foreseeable future and if you persevere with legacy lighting you could soon be looking at higher than average energy costs.

Why is Enigin LED technology so much more efficient?

Enigin LED’s use about a tenth of the energy that an incandescent light bulb uses to produce the same amount of light. In fact, the way incandescent light bulbs work is to produce heat and it just so happens that 10% of that radiated heat is in the visible spectrum. LED’s by contrast, release photons, which are actual units of light. Incandescent bulbs have been removed from some markets and replaced by other lighting sources. However, an LED will run cooler, and be more efficient, than almost any other lighting source.

The benefits of Enigin LED lighting aren’t confined to their lower energy consumption. Lighting that runs cooler means that air conditioning systems have far less work to do and a saving of more than 5% in building cooling costs is normally seen after one of our LED systems is installed.