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Efficient commercial lighting solutions with Fluoresave

Fluoresave is a unit that can be installed to allow energy to be saved for fluorescent and other discharge lighting systems including mercury, sodium, and metal halide


It is a microprocessor-controlled energy saving unit designed to save power consumption by up to 30% and in some cases more, without affecting the lighting levels. It’s compatible with many varieties of energy efficient lighting globes you may already have installed.

They have been installed worldwide both in industrial and commercial facilities, as well as institutional facilities, in order to help save on costs.


The Fluoresave unit comes with many benefits, such as:

  • It can save you up to 30% on the consumption costs of power
  • They are easy to install in already existing establishments
  • No modification is required for existing light fittings
  • It doesn’t disrupt the working environment
  • It extends the life of fluorescent lamps and tubes by up to 25%
  • It can help with the reduction of maintenance costs
  • It offers an improvement in the power factor
  • It helps to reduce the costs of the Climate Change Levy
  • It comes with a full replacement 2 year warranty
  • By saving energy, you are helping to save the environment


We at Energy Partners Australia are truly committed to helping your business save money and energy through the installation and fitting of energy efficient lighting systems that reduce power consumption. Purchasing one of these units for your business is truly a step in an environmentally-friendly direction!