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The Problem

In businesses such as supermarkets, restaurants and hospitals, refrigeration is a necessity that comes at a price increasing by the year.

Up to 30% of energy can be wasted with modern commercial refrigeration which can run 50% more cycles than necessary.

Why does refrigeration waste energy?

The refrigeration process begins with the compressor switching on and ends as it brings the air temperature down to the desired setting. The process, or cycle, can occur up to 20 times an hour. A thermostat monitors this circulating air temperature and from there an decide when to turn on an off. Circulating air temperature rises faster than food temperature, however, and therefore the refrigeration unit will work harder to maintain the required temperature, leading to excessive electricity consumption and wear and tear on the product.

For example, what happens when you take food out of your refrigerator? Even though the door is only open briefly, when the door closes, the compressor begins the cycle again. The product temperature has not been affected, but the air temperature has risen, resulting in further unnecessary wasted energy consumption.

The Solution

The Chilled Unit Energy Saver, product of Enigin, was originally developed to improve food safety standards and is therefore backed by an NSF seal of approval. It has now been proven as highly efficient when it comes to cooling system energy saving

By regulating the refrigeration temperature to the food rather than the air, it succeeds in maintaining food at the correct temperature without unnecessary waste. When installed with the thermostat sensor that energises the compressor, it will reduce the amount of refrigeration cycles and bring costs down by up to 30%. There is a known case where the amount of refrigeration system energy saving climbed to 43.23%..

If saving money on maintenance and reducing your energy consumption is important to you, Enigin's Chilled Unit Energy Saver is the perfect solution for you.