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Efficient Air Conditioning Energy Saving Techniques

The Problem

Air conditioning accounts for a large part of owners' energy bills. Millions of simple air conditioning units, all over the world, waste unbelievable amounts of energy every day.

Air conditioning also contributes to extreme peak energy demand on the hottest days of the year resulting in many consumers having no other option than to switch off the electricity supply.

The Enigin Solution

In a simple Air-con unit, the fan would consume approx 10%/20%, where as the compressor would use around 80%/90% of the total power. This leads to an obvious conclusion…make the compressor more energy efficient and we can save money. But how can that be achieved without compromising the performance of the unit?

This is the clever part: once an Air Conditioning Energy Saver is installed by any representative of Enigin in Australia  (about a 15  minute install time), your air-con unit goes into ‘saver mode’, but without the inefficient parts of the cooling cycle. This results in significant energy savings without compromising cooling comfort. Once the stored energy is used up, the compressor will switch back on again!

Contact us at Energy Partners Australia if you’re ready to make your air conditioner much, much more efficient. We are one of the leading sources of information on Enigin Victoria wide – in terms of product specifications, savings and installation! Call us at 1300 975 707 and we’ll organise a fast and affordable air conditioning energy saving solution for you.