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Eniscope Analytics

Eniscope Analytics is a web-based, energy diagnostics tool that gives you rich insights into your 'historical' energy consumption and the health of your power supply. This can be compared over days, weeks, months or even several years.

Intelligent, flexible & easy to use… Making energy information easy to access and simple to understand. Using your favorite web browser you can do a detailed energy analysis on any equipment, in any building, in any country, at any time... and all from the comfort of your personal computer or mobile device.

The Analytics home screen greets you with a dashboard displaying at a glance how much energy you have used, what it has cost you and what it has cost the environment in carbon emissions – for any selected period.

You are also alerted to your current performance and hourly consumption rate in comparison to a similar period in the recent past.

Any information displayed in Analytics can be instantly printed off to create a report or downloaded to a spreadsheet for further analysis.